Creativity as an Order through Emotions

The book, “Creativity as an Order through Emotions,” contains five stories involving creative young people. The author analyzes their psychological growth and the role of creativity in their lives.
Creativity has many different functions:
Creativity becomes a way to escape from unfriendly or brutal environments.
Creativity becomes an outlet for internal tensions and conflicts.
Creativity transforms negative emotions into positive ones.
Creativity becomes a source of emotions such as interest, joy, acceptance, curiosity, delight, enthusiasm, passion, and love.
Creativity generates meaningfulness and purpose.
Creativity enhances emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth and leads to good life choices.
Creativity promotes the growth of resourcefulness, optimism, confidence and pride.
Creativity reinforces sensitivity, not only to human issues but often to wider problems of the natural world.
This book encourages parents and educators to look at the creativity of young people much more seriously as a tool for enriching their lives, opening up new possibilities for them, and greatly extending their vision of themselves and the world they live in.

First Edition – Published by AwareNow Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada, September 2013
Second Edition – Published by Promontory Press, Victoria, BC, Canada, May 2014
Price: $20.00 CAD + shipping