The I Ching As Seen Through Collages

In this book, I present a series of collages which depict the eight trigrams and the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching. The I Ching is the oldest and most significant Chinese classic. It is based on observations of nature and human life. The central theme is the continous change and transformation underlying all existence, and the fundamental building blocks are the ancient concept of Yang and Yin. Despite being created in ancient times, the I Ching is fully applicable to the present times. It is like a wise mentor who offers directions and answers to many questions reagarding our issues.  Through a richness of symbols, the I Ching helps us find how to live a harmonious and meaningful life, how to develop and maintain our inner strenth, how vital the moments of silence and concentration are, and many more. 


Price: $35.00 CAD + shipping